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A smile is an inexpensive way to change your look, improve your self-confidence and quality of life. Here at D+ Dental Esthetic Clinic our dentists offer an extensive menu of dental treatments from every day check-ups and oral hygiene programs to full smile makeovers utilizing the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening, dental implants, ceramic crowns and Invisalign invisible braces. What ever your dental needs are, you can be sure that as a patient of D+ Dental Esthetic Clinic, our dentists will fulfill all your needs and concerns.

A Smile Makeover is a combination of treatments that will provide you with a lot more confidence when you smile. You won’t be holding your hand up to hide your teeth once you have had this type of treatment. Smile Makeover treatments may include tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, dental implants or white fillings. Treatment can also relieve any pain caused by imperfections in your teeth, such as chips, tooth erosion, cracks, shifted or crooked teeth, flawed gum line or an incorrect bite.

At D+ Dental Esthetic Clinic we have a special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry. We believe it takes an artistic eye and extensive experience to create your perfect smile. When creating your new smile we devote time to meticulously plan your new smile before commencing any procedure.

Orthodontic treatment is a smart investment in your dental, physical and emotional health.

 The goal of orthodontic treatment is a good bite—meaning straight teeth that mesh well with the teeth in the opposite jaw. A good bite makes it easier for you to bite, chew and speak. This can enhance your dental health and your overall health, and may improve self-esteem.
Orthodontic treatment is often part of a comprehensive dental health care plan. With good care, including orthodontic treatment when necessary, teeth can last a lifetime.
Treatment in children or teenagers who are still growing may yield results that may not be possible once the face and jaws have completed their growth.
A healthy bite is as important at age 60 as it is at age 16. Even though adults are no longer growing, they can also enjoy improvements that come from orthodontic treatment. Your age is not a consideration for orthodontic treatment. Healthy teeth can be moved at any age.

Implant Dentistry is a cosmetic breakthrough for people with missing teeth.

The most advanced and effective solution for people with missing teeth is a Dental Implant. It provides a permanent solution to patients recapturing the aesthetic and functional nature of your smile. 

D+ Dental Esthetic Clinic understands that a loss of a tooth can have a significant impact on the well-being of your mouth and smile and how you feel about yourself. Dental Implants are surgically inserted directly into the jawbone, acting as an anchor for replacement teeth such as crowns and veneers. Over time the jawbone will attach itself to the Implant, enabling replacement teeth to be permanently fastened into place.

Implant Placement requires a small surgical procedure. Modern Implant techniques ensure that the insertion of the implant can be carried out relatively quickly and with minimal discomfort. An ideal candidate for Dental Implant treatment is in good general and oral health. They must have adequate bone available to support the Implant.  If this is not the case bone can be augmented.

Tooth Whitening has improved the lives of many of our patients – enhancing their confidence and their facial appearance and self-image.  It is a fast, effective and safe way to transform the appearance of your smile – turning back the clock on ageing and discolouration.

Over the years, teeth may turn yellow due to diet, ageing, and lifestyle. Known culprits include drinking dark-coloured beverages like coffee and tea, taking certain medications, and smoking. To correct this problem, we offer Whitening treatment to our patients.


In its most basic sense, a Crown is a restoration that is placed over the affected tooth to amend its shape, size or strength.
Often considered when there is not much tooth left, a crown can restore your tooth to its full natural function. Crowns can also be used as the final restoration for a dental implant.
The preferred material for a crown is all porcelain. Offering a secure and strong restoration, porcelain can act like a natural tooth in strength, function and appearance.Crowns are used in both restorative and cosmetic cases, and during your consultation this may be just one of the procedures we recommend to enhance your smile and improve your dental health.


A dental bridge may be recommended if you are missing one or more teeth.
If you’re missing one or more teeth, you may find that over time, the shape of your face / profile may change along with your natural bite and this may affect your self-confidence.
Bridges are a permanent long-lasting solution. Replacing missing teeth by literally ‘bridging’ the gap, a bridge is one option to help restore your function, improve your health and alleviate the pain that an incorrect bite can cause. Made of porcelain, bridges are bonded in place by crowns attached to natural teeth on either side of the space.

Porcelain dental veneers are a beautiful way to correct stained, chipped, or crooked teeth.

By placing glass-like ceramic porcelain on the surface of teeth, we can provide patients with bright, straight, and natural looking smiles.

Dental flaws that have been a source of embarrassment for years can be treated with porcelain veneers in as little as one or two appointments. The thin, tooth coloured porcelain shells are custom made to bond to the front surface of your teeth.

Porcelain Veneers may be used to amend any of the following oral conditions:

  • Conceal Discolouration or stains on the affected tooth
  • Close gaps
  • Cover chips
  • Conceal wear and tear
  • Change colour of teeth
  • Change shape of teeth
  • An alternative to Orthodontic treatment (Instant Ortho)
  • To give your tooth a ‘makeover’

Teeth that are strong can be cosmetically restored by the application of veneers. Veneers are a conservative alternative to crowns, and are a stronger, longer lasting alternative to bonding. Once placed, the Veneers are very strong and will resist most of the forces placed upon them by a normal diet.

Restore decay without unsightly amalgam ‘silver’ fillings

Unsightly silver fillings are now a thing of the past with modern white, tooth coloured fillings. Virtually invisible, Composite Fillings make your teeth appear whiter and brighter than before.
A filling is a restorative material used to artificially return the function and integrity to a tooth after decay. White Fillings enable you to maintain your beautiful white smile even if you require treatment.
We provide composite fillings for patients as they are mercury-free and require less removal of your tooth structure. Older style amalgam fillings can weaken your teeth, making them more susceptible to breakage.

Did you know?
White Fillings are not only limited to new dental repairs, older restorations may also be replaced. These aesthetic materials will help give your smile a new lease on life.

Root Canal (also referred to as Endodontics) involves saving an infected tooth from having to be removed. It conserves a tooth that has been damaged by decay, fracture or an abscess.

Signs Root Canal treatment may be required:

  • Lingering tooth sensitivity to hot or cold liquids
  • Tooth sensitivity to sweets
  • Tooth pain to biting pressure
  • Impulsive toothache or constant or intermittent tooth pain
  • Throbbing tooth pain
  • Tissue swelling of the face

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact your Dentist to schedule a consultation. We do recommend that you visit as soon as possible for treatment to avoid any aggravated problems as the pain may also be a sign of something else.

Do you suffer from headaches, jaw pain or any of the following symptoms?

  • Headache, jaw, ear, or facial pain?
  • Waking headaches?
  • Being unable to open the mouth comfortably?
  • Clicking, popping or grating sounds in the jaw joint?
  • Locking of the jaw when attempting to open the mouth?
  • A bite that feels uncomfortable or “off”?
  • Neck, shoulder and back pain?
  • Swelling on the side of the face?
  • Ringing in the ears or ear pain?
  • Decreased hearing?
  • Dizziness and vision problems or other similar problems?

If so you may be one of the many undiagnosed TMD Syndrome sufferers. Fortunately for you and other sufferers, after TMD diagnosis we can help you get out of pain. 

The Temperomandibular Joints (TMJ) are situated just in front of the ears and form the connection between the lower jaw and the skull

Dysfunctional muscles supporting this joint or a problem in the TMJ joints themselves can give rise to headache/migraine, neck/shoulder pain, clicking TMJ joints, tingling of finger tips, back pain, postural problems, dizziness, ringing in ears etc.

In cases of TMJ dysfunction, a complete diagnosis is made with the benefit of muscle scans, joint sonography, computerised jaws scans and MRI. If applicable the neuromuscular treatments are used to treat this distressing condition.

The three steps involve:

  • Muscle relaxation – this is carried out via a process called Tens, which carries a low frequency, rhythmic pulse to the overworked muscles. This relaxes the muscle and jaw system.
  • Stabilisation – once the relaxed postion is found, a plastic orthodontic is worn to maintain the relaxed muscles and to ensure that the original, painful symptons have disappeared.

Solution – the long term solution can involve coronoplasty, which is the meticulous adjustment of tooth shape, to allow the jaw to function in its muscularly- relaxed position, Orthodontic or porcelain restorations can secure a healthy, great-looking smile as an added benefit.  Ultimately these stages are closely linked with our stable bite treatments.


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