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Why Us??

Today dental care is not just about treatment, it is about a good experience which is also about lifestyle, looks and overall wellness. At D+ Dental Esthetic Clinic you will be welcomed to a comfortable lounge area while you wait for your treatment. Most of our customers come to us because we do not fall into a traditional clinical set up which is fear inducing.

Our client's satisfaction is the main goal for us. We have successfully treated thousands of patients with the philosophy of achieving perfection through high quality work, modern technology and attention to detail. For us, no job is too small to be done perfectly, be it a simple filling or a cosmetic smile designing.

 We have quality controls at every level to make the treatment safe. We understand the dangers of cross infection in today's world of HIV and Hepatitis. So, we strictly adhere to the international protocol of infection control and sterilization to protect you from cross infection.
Your safety is a major priority for us and we strictly adhere to our high standards of sterilisation and hygiene. Professional and meticulous, we follow and exceed current European dental guidelines and are rigorous in regularly maintaining our sophisticated equipment. The process of sterilisation in the Kreativ clinic is constantly subjected to control and monitoring, both internally any externally.

At D+ Dental Esthetic Clinic we practice ethical dentistry. That means here you get doctors who think for you and plan the treatment keeping your best interests in mind. Our treatment plan is based on our individual assessment of you as a human being than just as a dental patient. It is the compassion and understanding that we show and the importance we give to our patients that make us successful.  Simply put, at D+ Dental Esthetic Clinic we practise the dentistry that we would choose for ourselves and our families.

At D+ Dental Esthetic Clinic we provide you with long term solutions for all your dental problems. We plan your treatment to give you results that last for a very long time. We also motivate you to maintain the teeth better. It is possible only because of our through analysis and explicit adherence to the treatment protocol. Our experience of successfully treating thousands of patients with varied dental problems over a decade is invaluable in giving you long lasting results.

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